Frequently Asked Questions + Shipping Policies

1. Who fulfills my order?

  • Because we are a very small business, our Production Partner (Printful), ensures our custom designs are printed and shipped to you.

2. Printful's estimated delivery time?

3. Do you ship to my country/region?

4. Will my item look exactly like what I ordered?
  • Printful tries to make the designs as realistic as possible. However, depending on material, font, color and other variables, the design on the items may not always look perfect. They try their best to get pretty close though.
5. Can I track my order?
  • Yes! After your order is received, you will receive an email with the necessary information to track your order.
6. Should I measure my child before ordering a youth t-shirt for them?
  • Yes! Our production company desires that this be done to avoid you ordering the wrong size. A picture of the item being measured is required to even get a refund. Because the clothing we sell are for youths, we want to ensure you are chosing the right size. We have a size chart and a measurement guide among the photos of the items. We also mention this in description of each youth item being displayed. 
7. Can I actually send you prayer requests?
  • Yes! Please reach out to us if you need prayer. Visit our contact us section and fill out your prayer requests there. If you subscribe/sign up for our email list, you can respond to our welcome automated email. Please feel free to respond to the email with your prayer request. We are also here to serve you :)